Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Cats Talk

Earl Grey peers in.  These two don't say much, but there's a lot going on.
It's been far too long since we have been over to see what Sissy Willis is up to. What does she think of the goings on in the world? Well, it turns out things are very topsy-turvey, much is in disarray, there is change in the air, troubled days and more to come.

The Middle-East? The debt crisis? Heavens, no! We're talking about her cats, of course!

It's a big adventure over there. A new cat... hmmm. This troublesome feline has got Sissy watching "The Cat Whisperer" I know, right? Wow!

Isn't it fun to watch cats talk? Apparently it's all in the eyes, all in the body movements. It seems the problem is here. Sissy is sure to get it sorted out. Drop her a line of encouragement.


  1. Okay, so what strikes me as somewhat amusing is that a really bright and talented writer like that Sissy Willis:
    1) would devote all the time and attention that she does to these cats
    2) would post a predominantly political commentary blog, and yet loves to take pictures of her cats and her neighbors cats, and she posts them all over the place, and
    3) would really be interested in trying to "figure out" what these cats are "saying" to one another.

    I guess I don't really get the whole cat thing, but then I end up looking over at that cat sitting out there on the chair, and then back to the back of the brown cat, and then back to the grey, and the next thing you know, I'm wondering ... "What in the world are these cats thinking?"

    Too funny!

  2. Second time writing this--Blogger forgot how to work again after correcting the same issue--logging in to confirm identity--last week. This is sent from Chrome, instead of my fallback IE9.

    I'm guessing that people that own cats like cats. And bloggers post about their own interests. And that "sharing" elicits responses from like-minded individuals,if only that people "sit" awhile and take in the sights. That personal touch distinguishes the new media from the old, stale institutional media that sometimes makes dead trees out of healthy, thriving ones.

    But that's only a thought. . .

  3. Yes, I suppose that's true. It still strikes me funny though, and funnier still that I kind of enjoy looking at the cat pictures. Now she's got that darn cat riding shotgun with her husband.