Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brewer Firm, Defends People of Arizona

Barrack Hussein Obama has at last finally granted an audience to Arizona governor Jan Brewer today. Ms. Brewer has been supporting the residents of her state, who have been struggling for years with a seemingly endless wave of illegal immigrants. The law passed by the state legislature and supported by 63% of Arizona residents was signed by Ms. Brewer, and is scheduled to go into effect July 29th, 2010. The law will allow law enforcement officers to make an effort to verify citizenship.

Rather than being neutral in an area that the Federal government has been decidedly ineffective in performing its duties, Mr. Obama has blasted the law as "misguided" and has intimated it would violate civil rights and lead to racial profiling.

The meeting comes as Justice Department officials consider suing the state in a bid to block the law, which makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally. During a brief news conference on the White House driveway following her meeting with the president, Brewer described the meeting as "cordial," but the potential lawsuit wasn't discussed.

"That was kind of over, brushed over a little bit," she said.

When asked if she thinks the president has read the law, Brewer only smiled.

"In a written statement, the White House said Obama reiterated his concern over the law and how it could lead to a patchwork of different state immigration regulations that would interfere with the federal government's response."

What response? There is no response. Look, we keep telling you that... and you sit there posing and posturing. Arizonians need something done, Mr. President, and we don't mean another round of round-table discussions, czars or focus groups.
"The president urged Gov. Brewer to be his partner in working in a bipartisan manner on comprehensive immigration reform to implement the type of smart, sensible, and effective solutions the American people expect and deserve from their federal government," the White House said.

What a load of bull. Be his partner? Please. Look, Barry, people tend to shy away from partnering with double talkers that look to embarrass you and misrepresent you. He sees Arizona's efforts to protect her southern border as an opportunity to berate and impugn Arizonian's. She is smart to be cautious, and would do well to keep you at a distance.
Citing scheduling issues, Obama initially declined to meet with Brewer this week while she is in Washington for a Council of Governors meeting. But as criticism grew over Obama's seeming snub, he made time on his calendar.

His classless behavior was finally picked up on by the media types? Who would have guessed?
"I feel very confident about what we've done in the past is the right thing to do," Brewer said. "We're protecting America. We need to secure our border."

Sounds right.
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the best way to tackle illegal immigration is on the federal level.

That's great, Bob. How about you starting with enforcing the Federal law?

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