Saturday, June 5, 2010

Steyn Gets A Chuckle

Salon's Gabrial Winant took advantage of the awkward and drooling Jake Knotts to take a shot at the entire Republican party, and leading commenters Mark Steyn and Bill Kristol in passing, to which Mr. Steyn responding in a brief Corner post:

In Salon, Gabriel Winant riffles through the conservative wardrobe:
'This isn't to say that Mark Steyn and Bill Kristol have Klan hoods in their closets.'
But we do have matching thongs.

Far from being put out, the masterful Mr. Steyn underscores the absurdity of Gabriel Winant's argument that because a Republican gubernatorial candidate made an ass of himself and put his foot in his mouth, all Republican's are asses who smell of foot odor when they speak.

Mr. Winant concludes as follows:
"But this is the thing: There's nothing to be done. Racism lives among right-wingers, not inside them. It's the air they breathe. And without it, there wouldn't be a coherent American conservatism."

The South Carolina race is, in fact, a national embarrassment to the Republican Party, where the hopefuls for the seat of power have attempted to advance their campaigns by repeatedly accusing Nikki Haley of having illicit affairs. Two weeks ago a GOP consultant named Will Folks claimed he had had an inappropriate affair with Ms. Haley three years ago, and just two days ago a staffer (or consultant as he prefers) for Andre Bauer claimed also to have had a one night stand with Ms. Haley. Now this ass clown Knotts derides her for being of Indian descent. It's the Jerry Springer show of Republican politics. But Nikki Haley comes through this veritable deluge of dirt sounding articulate, crisp, unfazed and most certainly above the mud pit. I like her. It's hard to top Robert Stacy McCain 's response:

"Maybe Nikki Haley actually is an Insatiable Punjabi She-Devil, or maybe not. I just don’t care anymore. She needs to win this election if only because her enemies so richly deserve defeat."


As to Mr. Winant's elusive notion of cornering ill begot speech and attitudes into the Republican Party, I would ask who said this:

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,"

That's Joe Biden, you dolt. He's sitting in the White House with the nation's first articulate, clean black man. The left is loaded with racism and sexism, they just never get around to worrying about it. Apparently, it doesn't rise to the level of inappropriateness to deserve commentary from Gabriel Winant.


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