Monday, June 14, 2010

David Warren Sights Obama's Ship Of State

As challenges go, the gulf oil spill is not all that catastrophic. The safety of the nation and the nation's populace are not endangered by it, though certainly it will have an impact on the local economy. We cannot say the same for the other challenges looming on our horizon.

However, the sad truth is the event itself has demonstrated ominously that the crew manning the ship of state are an untidy bunch of land lubbers, ill trained and ill used to the ways of the seas they have been recruited to sail.

Canadian David Warren's recent article addressing the state of affairs is refreshingly forthright.
"Bush had not, as his successor has, loaded up a ship of fools consisting of academic ideologues, under no particular direction from a captain who is himself off playing golf, and partying with America's coolest people. Which is exactly what Obama was doing for weeks after April 20, when Deepwater Horizon blew up; though to be fair we should also mention the fundraisers and commencement speeches."

The kaleidoscope of errors that is the Obama Administration is staggering in and of itself, all brought to light and made brilliantly fluorescent in the reflection of the gulf oil spill.
"I don't feel sorry for them. They come, almost to a man or woman, from backgrounds of complete insulation from normal human life, and are infused with the rarefied gas of pure theory."

The rarefied gas of pure theory... that might explain the smell wafting around.

Mr. Warren is a pleasure to read. Catch the rest of his piece here.

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