Sunday, June 6, 2010

David Warren Calls For Sanity

David Warren has long been a favorite of this blogsite. One of his latest offerings adds to the long list of well written, well reasoned postings.

Israel has few friends in the world, and it is clear that they are more and more isolated as time goes by. Her oldest and staunchest ally has been the United States, but now with a president in the White House that either doesn't understand the strategic questions involved or whose over-inflated idea of his own rhetoric and appeal cause him to have no care for Israel regardless, the end result is that Israel is placed in imminent peril.

In this instance, Mr. Warren turns his attention to the mounting troubles in the Middle East, with the recent flap over the flotilla of fools:
"It is likewise nonsense to claim that Israel is preventing "humanitarian aid" from reaching the enclave. She merely requires that goods be inspected, and war materials omitted from delivery. Israelis have endured many thousand gratuitous rocket attacks from Gaza; the requirement is eminently reasonable.

Nor had Israelis any reason to trust the word of Islamist militants who, in addition to waving pipes and chains about, were shown on Arab television chanting, "Remember Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews! The army of Muhammad is returning!" (The reference is to the Koran, and to the Muslim attack on the last Jewish oasis, and thus to the final elimination of the Jewish presence in 7th-century Arabia.)

The arguments above should have been made loudly and unambiguously by the U.S. State Department, not left to me. By being aloof when a crucial ally is under attack, the U.S. is actually encouraging Israel's enemies to pile on."

What might seem like something that should go without saying is, in the case of this administration, badly needed guidance.

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