Thursday, June 10, 2010

Roxeanne De Luca Rips It at Haemet

I've been bumping into and reading the comments of Roxeanne De Luca for a couple of months now, more so since she did a short stint guest blogging at Bongo Bob's, and I've got to say she is a smoking hot blog babe! Catch this response from the comment section of Casy Fiano's blog, where some hapless dolt tried to denigrate the charming and gracious blog hostess:

"Cassy is the loving wife of a man who risks his life in our military, blogs about issues that matter, is a role model for young women, and engages in a profession that is rewarding to herself and does a tremendous amount of good.

But because you are a liberal man, all you can do is reduce her accomplishments, character, and values to a sneer on the way she looks and a suggestion that she needs to engage in some mentally disturbed self-loathing.

Contrary to what liberal “feminists” may have taught you, JRTG, women need not be neurotic anorexics with daddy issues in order to do some good in the world; in fact, the opposite is true."

Can this gal rip it, or what? Lazer sharp focus, no nonsense approach. Beautiful.

After the president recently revealed that after all this time, he still has not spoken with BP CEO Tony Hayward, Ms. De Luca proclaimed the event as Your Delusional Moment of the Day, taking the President to task for his general lack of engagement and tiresome posing.
"What is even more revolting is this business of acting like a pantywaist girl on the playground, rather than someone who is remotely competent to fix the largest environmental disaster in history. Adults, when faced with problems, will suck it up and deal with people that they do not personally like. Obama, when encountering something that did not go his way – which any rational human would expect to happen whilst running the free world – bitches about how he would fire Tony Hayward if he could, but lacks any plans to replace him with someone more competent"

Well, for my part it makes more sense to bitch about how I would fire B.O. if I could, and I gauran-damn-tee you that I could find a whole host of people more competent to replace him. Still, we are required to wait until 2012. Such is life.

But as to Roxeanne De Luca... she's blogalishous.

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