Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gaffe King Rahm Emanuel Pulls Finger Out Of Nose, Points To BP Exec

Outrage follows outrage in this sordid tale of presidential overreach and abuse of power, this time with the White House's own Rahm Emanuel. Yes, the gaffe king of "don't let a crisis go to waste" fame, is trying his best to further embaress BP executive Tony Hayward:
"President Barack Obama's chief of staff says BP chief executive Tony Hayward has committed yet another in a "long line of PR gaffes" by attending a yacht race"

Give me a break. The president sat on his a$$ for six weeks letting the oil problems percolate, will still not trouble himself to seek guidance from anyone remotely capable of addressing the issues at hand, will not accept foreign assistance or waive the Jones Act, spends time fund raising and golfing, and his chief of staff thinks we care if a Brit is off sailing this weekend?
"Emanuel says the focus should stay on capping the leaking well and helping the people of the Gulf region"

Please. When has the president's team ever placed their focus on capping the leak and helping the people of the Gulf region? Well, certainly not yet anyway. They seem interested in politics as usual, which for them is to look for a crisis to inflame, shake down another private concern, strangle US industry, take action by executive fiat, piss all over the rule of law and parade around like a bunch of frat boys on a long weekend.

After that farce Waxman pulled, this is just utterly contemptible. (Why is it those two words go together so well when speaking of Mr. Emanuel?)

Hey Rahm, stop thinking of this disaster as another chance to beat up a private citizen. I don't care if he goes sailing on the weekend or goes off to fly a kite for that matter! That just isn't important, okay? Try to focus yourself on the problem at hand, not pointless pathetic political posing.


  1. I thought the president was all down on finger pointing, that he had enough if it.

    Hey, Rahm, quit waving your finger around. And wash your hands, will ya?

  2. Thanks Bob! You're a gentleman and a scholar.

    Well... a scholar anyway.