Friday, June 25, 2010

AL Gore Off the Reservation


The complaint against one of the globes most tiresome moralists is an eye opener. It is available in a somewhat redacted form here.

The gal is pointedly detailed, is knowledgeable about her area of study, and goes into great specificity about the interaction. No question the woman filed the complaint. No question the Portland police looked into it. The woman in question declined to proceed, understandably so (see multiple Clinton sex abuse sex-capeds), with the legal and physical threats endured, along with the general sullying of her reputation. No way she would come out a winner in this. Even if the facts she alleges occurred were proven completely correct in everything she said, how many clients would want to be a part of it?

Three years later AL and Tipper part, and no one can figure out why. Recent high profile divorces had a sexual component to the story: Edwards, Sanford and the ever ambitious Tiger Woods. But no one has an imagination capable of putting a sex angle on the AL Gore story. Suddenly, up pop rumors with Laurie David. Then a sex story in the Enquirer looks like a laugher, but no, Portland Police confirm that a complaint had indeed been filed.

And according to the highly detailed complaint, AL is overbearing, threatening, and just plain weird. Early in the massage:

While he was still face down, he suddenly asked me:
"What has become clear to you lately?"

I answered

"How much is enough"

And I elaborated on this idea a little bit, and then I asked him what he had become clear about lately himself, and he said

"Letting go of results"

Sheesh! Come on , AL, this was six years after you LOST the election. There is more to life than pretending to be president.

The evening proceeds, and by the account gets more weird and creepy with each passing minute, AL Gore vacillating between anger and belligerence when he doesn't get his way, to giggling bad boy when she attempts to reproach him. Later this hollowed out oak of a man switches tactics and pressures her to listen to Pink’s “Dear Mr. President” in the bedroom where his i-pod docking station was.

Personally, I can’t believe girl’s go for that whole ‘my i-pod docking station is in the bed-room’ thing, but AL is in with Apple, so he gives it a go, all the while she is trying to figure out how to get out without getting him hostile or excessively friendly. So here is this 2000 Presidential runner-up listening to 'Pink' to assuage his angry feelings toward the guy that beat him in the election. If Big AL had won the election, do you think you would find George Bush listening to 'Pink' go on about what a slug AL Gore was as president? Six years later?! No way.

Anyway, after the i-pod and another grope and grab session, AL is offering up a Karaoke version of "Dear Mr. President" when this gal gets fed up with the sing along, and flat out asks the guy:

"Just how long were you whacked out after the election?"

'cause I'm thinking 'You're nuts', and he goes

"Six and a half years, so far..ha, ha, ha, ha..."

And I'm thinking, 'Okay, we acknowledge that you're nuts. Now how do I get out of here?'

Wow. She walked in a big AL Gore fan and a believer in the global warming clap trap, and escapes thinking what a nut job this guy is and how could I have voted for him and placed Captain Queg’s thumb on the red button.

This man spent years telling falsehoods, scaring children and drumming up support for an environmental movement that the document dump at Hadley CRU has shown to be a manipulation and giant fraud. The most compelling aspect of AL's presentation was his call to take the moral high ground and for each of us to do the right thing. Never mind that his mansion in Tennessee burns energy like a roman candle, or that he flies around the globe without a second thought.

Well, it turns out the phrase "Never mind" applies to the whole thing.

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  1. You just know that AlGore hates Bubba_SlickWillie-Clinton (it's *so* unfair that Bubba can get away with this sort of thing!)