Sunday, June 20, 2010

David Warren On The Money

President Obama has had a gay time playing BP for the villain in this modern era melodrama, hoping beyond hope to gain political leverage for the next stage of governmental expansion. In the mix came the opportunity to trash another industry, idle all off shore oil drilling(?!), and with Representative Barton shooting straight in this theater of the absurd, throwing the Republican's in the cross hairs as well. Will this man ever take his job seriously?

Thank God we have the clear commentary of Canada's David Warren to help get us through the drudgery of this administration's next set of political strong arming:
"Meanwhile, the BP executives -- who had no intention to spill oil, who are not exclusively responsible for the accident, and who have every motive to bring the quickest possible end to what is a worse nightmare for them than for anyone -- are threatened, and shaken down, as if they had acted consistently from pure malice. It is political theatre so egregious even "liberal" people in the U.S. are beginning to see through it."

I hope he's right. You can read the rest of his excellent piece here.


  1. Nicholas,

    I have seen your comment at Robert Stacy McCain's blog, and I'd very much like to discuss it with you, both because its the rare critique I see over there that seems to be offered with thoughtful earnestness, and because I think that by addressing it I can persuade you that my project is somewhat different than you imagine.

    If you'd do me the favor of sending me an e-mail I'd appreciate it. It's

  2. Nick, you might enjoy this also:

    It's the intersection of Steynposts, sighposts, Conor, and moi.

  3. "Again, force of demographics makes the day. It always does. Moderate Islam is certainly real as far as the actual term goes (or at least used to be a generation ago and had some big numbers) but has no real voice these days: The sterner cup of Islamist coffee gets the attention of the young when compared to the bland, sardonic, banal preachiness of the modern secularist state in places like Europe and America. Back in the home regions, the imams assure the faithful that the Crusaders have risen from the dead near the Gates of Vienna, put their armor back on, and are prepared for another attack on Holy Lands."

    That is a very good string of comments Wakefield. You should make a post of that, using the Freidersdorf article as your jump off, but then I am sure you know how to attend to that.

    It's a good discussion, both of growing imposition of Islam upon the West and the West's timidity in confronting it. The multicult pc ideology and the loss of confidence and commitment to our own distinct Judeo-Christian tradition are all worthy of a post, as is just the Steyn/Fiedersdorf discussion.

  4. Ilíon:

    I've seen that site before some time ago. Good stuff.

    And YET...multi-culti reigns more supreme than Ghengis Khan.

    And nobody cares. At least not among most of the Chatter Class.