Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nikki Haley Smokes GOP Primary, Looks Great Doing It

Nikki Haley overcame the GOP party and multiple attacks on her character by various GOP 'operatives' to win the Republican Primary in South Carolina with 49% of the vote, easily outdistancing Jack 'The Knotthead' Knotts and Andre 'My Dinner With' Bauer, leaving her to complete a two 'man' runoff election with second place finisher U.S. Representative Gresham Barrett, who received 21% of the vote. The runoff will be held June 22nd.

I have to tell you, of all the stupid baloney I have heard in my life, about the silliest of all occurred when GOP consultant Larry Marchant of the Bauer campaign and fellow GOP hack and blogger Will Folks attempted to derail this woman's campaign by claiming they had intimate knowledge of her.

Right. Thanks guys. Dream on.

The claims were so bizarre, so obtuse, so completely and utterly out of bounds that it resulted in the creation of a Sixth Rule by he who giveth rules for blogging, which was summed up in hilarious fashion by Bob Belvedere here. "Thou shalt not be a total douchebag." Good words to live by, all ye who are so witless as to disparage a woman's good name.

Look, where I come from it's considered boorish to be sharing made up stories of supposed conquests, and if you actually are so lucky as to gain the affections of a woman, you sure as hell don't talk yourself up on the details. These guys were unbelievably pathetic. I guess it takes all types, but sheesh! Come on South Carolina, you've got to have some better examples of manhood out there.


  1. You should see some of the spurious thing said about this gal, to the extent that beyond just the triteness of saying that her attackers were merely doing Good Old Boy Southern Politics as usual, one friend of mine (and she means well, I know) said that if this were HER, she'd pull out ALL the stops to defend her reputation, get the phone records yanked out from AT&T, at hire an entire team of legal eagles, etc.

    I'd then queried about whether or not one's opponents SHOULD be able to make you jump through all these hoops like some circus toy poodle through ever-tightening rings of fire, and that perhaps the best response is to tell people to "bugger off" who make insinuations they can't back up. And she responded that well, she's a believer in personal integrity, etc., and will go through hell and back and the four corners of the earth to prove it.

    Well, fair enough. I don't have an answer for that other than to each his or her own methodology of response.

    But her point was that Haley should have found a way to go a-nippin' this in the bud, so to speak.

    But that's me. I often don't feel like responding to crappola unless it truly involves a security or safety issue or something with the kids or wife. I'm a man, not a gal, and others might see things differently anyhow regardless of gender. So there ya are.


    Oh, not to shift too fast here into another gear, but you might like these. I have NOT posted them, as I respect these two guys enough not to post without getting permission. Which I've not done. But the links will take you to sites and specifically a couple of graphs (one is humor, the other a point about the controversy) that I DO think you'll find VERY interesting.

    From the always interesting Political Math Blog.

    ....and next you might also enjoy fantastic site of all manner of handy pictograms and other visualizations from a one David McCandless (UK).

    Good stuff, even on some areas that are in disagreement with us or seem quirky.


    See his other work on

    I'll contact both of them soon and see if I can get a blanket permission for you and I to use and that we plan to "Co-blog" the issue.

    Many thanks.

    Looks like you've developed one hell of a blog here. You, like me, are no doubt extraordinarily busy with all the other accoutrements of life. Lately I've not done crap at the blog.

    Things are just too fast. But I am working (slowly) on one about that nasty Hitler in a girdle. I also had a bone (very MINOR) to pick with April over getting Uncle Thom's mug away from the White House. NO MEANS should we have advocated that.

    I'll explain why later. You might guess me out on this one, Nick.

    Take care.

  2. Thanks Wakes. Hey, you have to take the Economics test.

    Ilion already aced it.

    : )

  3. "Thou shalt not be a total douchebag."

    A rule we should all live by. ;)

  4. Yes, and certainly not hard for you to do. EP, you are clearly blessed with the good sense and moral compass that this clown Folks utterly lacks. Do you know that scrub was actually excited that his blog traffic was going up as people came by to see what a total dirt bag looks like.(?!)

    Hey Willie, don't get all in a lather. They're not there for your insights or writing. And you can bet they wont be sticking around, either. Sheesh!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

  5. If it's named Ha(i)ley, it's gotta be good!